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You've looked us up and checked us out, now you're wondering what to do next.  We have multiple ways available for you to contact us with questions and scheduling.  You can call or text 2565662329, email, or go to our contact page here.  We do prefer to have at least one phone call or FaceTime call before the shoot.  

Reserve Your Date

Once you are ready to schedule a session, you'll need to make a NON REFUNDABLE deposit and sign a contract to secure your date which will go toward the session fee.  The rest of the session fee is due before or upon arrival at the studio the day of your shoot.   

The Shoot

Upon arriving at the location, we will take a few minutes to meet and discuss the shoot.  We'll review any questions and make sure we're on the same page and go over a few posing tips before we begin.  If you have multiple outfits, we will sort out your outfits before the session starts so we can began to plan out the time together. I like to ease into the shoot with some simple, yet effective poses especially with new clients.  This helps to ease any nervousness that you may have and once you see those first incredible photos, you'll go from being nervous to being excited for the rest of the shoot!  


I generally have a loose plan for the shoot, but as we progress, I'll see different shots and suggest poses that I think would look good, but it's your decision as the client to do them.  You are not required or forced to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.  You can say "no" to any suggestions and it's left at that and we move on to the next pose.  I look at photoshoots as a collaboration.  I like to insert the clients personalities and passions into the photos.

Photo Delivery

It usually takes 2 to 6 weeks to have your photos edited and delivered.  The photos are delivered via an online gallery. There is an online store attached to the gallery that has a variety of items that can be purchased at great prices.  Items include prints, albums, canvases, etc.. 

What to Expect


What kind of photography do you provide?

I do portraits(single, couples, and families),  weddingsengagement photos, real estate, and creative composites.


What if I never had photos taken or modeled before?

That's perfect!   Although I have worked with several models over the years, the majority of my shoots have been with non-models.  I will guide you every step of the way through the posing while keeping the process simple.  Once you see the photos you'll feel like you're a pro! 

Will you post my images on your website or social media?

I would LOVE to post your images, however, you will receive a photo release form upon delivery of your images where you can decide if you want them to be public or not.  It's completely your decision.

What kind of outfits should I wear for the shoot?

We would love to help you with your wardrobe selection!  We actually encourage the collaboration and have a list of suggestions we can provide.  Sometimes something that looks good in person, may not translate well to an image and vise versa.  We like to be a part of this process to help create the best images possible.  You are more than welcome to contact us anytime during your purchasing process to help alleviate stress.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely!  I don't mind if you bring a friend, but I do request that it just be one individual.  This is just due to helping the flow of the shoot.  If there are too many people at the shoot, it can be distracting to a point where the shoot goes a lot longer than expected.

Do you travel to other locations?

I will travel for sessions upon request.  It may incur an additional cost depending on the location.

Will you meet clients before a shoot?

If you are on the fence about doing a shoot and would like to schedule a meeting in a public place to ask questions and get to know us better, we would love to do that!  We do prefer nice coffee shops.

How much does it cost?

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date for any package you choose and goes towards the total photo session cost.  This remaining balance of the session fee is due at or before the time of the shoot.   The deposit and total cost varies depending on your photography needs.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions!






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